TSEKH SUMMER SCHOOL is the key event in the field of summer intensive educational programmes designed for those who wish to dive into contemporary dance for 2 weeks in the middle of Moscow summer. We’ll be glad to welcome either experienced contemporary dancers and beginners eager to feel the changes, get new friends, colleagues and meet teachers from all over the world within 6 days.

Additionally, there will take place lectures, showings, public-talks, discussions and jams as part of TSEKH+ programme. For children of 7 – 12 years old there will be classes with Chaim Gebber and Mariam Nagaychuk within the 4th choreography session in Letuchka camp, Mamin Sadik Seasons (located in Moscow Hermitage Garden)
prices for one block
1 course
5500 Р
2 courses
10000 Р
3 courses
14500 Р
4 courses
19000 Р
5 courses
22500 Р
for students from dance academies (for each course)
4500 Р